We Love to Donate

to each of the communities across Texas.

Please fill the form below to request a donation from The Dimassi's Organization.

Include as many details as possible about the donation and your organization.
Request all information as early as possible
We do our best to help everyone, however we do have budgets.
Our director will contact you via email with the outcome of your request.
Dimassi's loves to donate our food in order to fulfill the most requests!
*All donation requests must be submitted no less than 4-weeks prior to the event or fulfillment date. Please provide all supporting documents to best represent your organization, and propose why Dimassi's should support the event/cause/function. {i.e. event flyer, 501(c)3 documentation, organizational letterhead, etc}
Requests are reviewed within 21-days of submission. The organization's contact provided on the donation request will be notified via email, regardless of whether or not the request is approved.

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